Rev. Jeff Kilburn, Wife Alice Charged with Sexing Up 15-year-old Boy



​The Rev. Jeff Kilburn seems to fancy himself as one of those hip ministers. In addition to being pastor of Believer’s Ministries, he also ran the Clark
HomePlace, which gave away food, helped the homeless, and was home to Kilburn Wildgrass, the good reverend’s band…

But if you believe the cops in South Lebanon, Ohio, that coolness extended to taking liberties with a 15-year-old boy. According to both criminal and civil files, Jeff and his wife Alice Kilburn plied the boy with drink and drugs back in July, then Alice had her way with the juvenile. Jeff was accused of being an accessory to rape.

Alice Kiburn is accused of having sex with a 15-year-old while her pastor husband watched

Both Jeff Kilburn and the boy’s dad have filed for protection orders against each other. Kilburn accuses the dad of trying to run him off the road with is car — and fairly natural reaction if your kid’s been raped. Meanwhile, the dad accused Kilburn of being a degenerate who shouldn’t be anywhere near his son.

But prosecutors have stopped short of accusing the couple with flat out rape. They’ve both been charged with endangering children and sexual imposition, facing up to 8 years in prison with the possibility of having to register as sex offenders.

Jeff Kilburn maintains his innocence, arguing that some people were jealous of his Godly work and started spreading unfounded rumors.

“It’s just an alleged story and someone keeps making it up and keeps
adding to it and keeping something going that’s not there…” he told the Dayton Daily News.
“We were giving away free food and feeding the homeless, we were doing
some great work down here and some people got jealous and started the