Valerie and Michael Miller Mysteriously Murdered in Northern Maine


Police are looking for a woman seen leaving this home around the time couple was murdered

​Webster Plantation, a tiny town of 70 people in the northern woods of Maine, is so small that it once had a stop sign, but no one bothered to replace it when it was knocked down years ago. And because it hasn’t seen a murder since anyone can remember, police assumed Valerie and Michael Miller died of natural causes when they were found dead in their trailer home. They were wrong…

Valerie and Michael Miller are said to be the kind of people who’d help anyone

​The couple was found in their kitchen — Michael laying face up on the floor, Valerie next to him with her head on his chest. But the slayings remain a mystery, in part because police are saying so little about the case — not even releasing the cause of death — and in part because the pair were said to be the perfect neighbors and friends.

Michael is described as jovial, friendly, and generous — a man always willing to lend money to a friend in need. Valerie is described much the same way, leaving the townsfolk in disbelief over why they would be killed.

Police are looking into a number of leads, the most pressing of which seems to be an unidentified middle-aged woman seen leaving the trailer at the time of the murder. She’s described as white, with a ponytail and glasses.

But there’s also the possibility that someone believe the Miller home was ripe for robbery. Though accounts are conflicting, one neighbor says that Miller operated something akin to an informal pawn shop. People would give him guns and other items in exchange for loans, “then
they’d come pay him and he’d give them back,” neighbor Terrance Mulligan told the Associated Press.

A police sketch of the woman seen leaving the home at the time of the murders

​And since relatives say Miller didn’t believe in banks, someone could have believed there was a large stash of cash in the home — or at least what’s considered big cash in rural Maine.

Valerie was a homemaker. Micheal was a seasonal millworker laid off every fall. The couple previously filed for bankruptcy and were behind on their taxes. So any money they kept likely wasn’t substantial.

But Valerie’s brother Kevin White also says they had trouble with two younger men, one of whom is supposedly a sex-offender. “I don’t know if it was robbery or what,” White told the Bangor Daily News. “Everybody
knew Valerie and Mike had money, but that they would help anybody, so I
can’t understand why anybody would rob them. All they had to do was ask
Mike for help and he would help them.”