Veronica Deramous Tried to Cut Baby From Kidnapped Woman’s Womb


Veronica Deramous tried to cut the woman’s womb open with a utility knife

UPDATE: Police now say Veronica Deramous’ 17-year-old son assisted in the assault. See update after the jump…

Veronica Deramous wanted a baby. She just didn’t want to have one the natural way. So police say she approached a 29-year-old woman at a Washington, D.C. pregnancy shelter, saying she wanted to adopt her baby.

According to police, Deramous got the woman to come to her Suitland, Maryland home. That’s where she tied the expectant woman up with duct tape and held her hostage for several days. Deramous’ 17-year-old son was home at the time, but says he didn’t know what was happening in the back room…

Deramous kept the woman hydrated and fed, apparently to keep the baby healthy. But sometime over the weekend, she decided to take the child by force. So she cut the woman’s womb with a utility knife. Police say Deramous had no medical training, and provided the woman with no pain killers.

The woman managed to escape Sunday morning after Deramous went to sleep. Residents in the apartment complex called the cops when they heard the two women struggling in the hall. By the time officers arrived, they say the woman’s injuries were so severe that neither mom nor child was expected to survive.

The woman underwent an emergency C-section. Mom and daughter appear to be in critical condition, but they’re expected to recover.

Deramous is facing charges of attempted murder, assault and unlawful imprisonment.

The baby girl, meanwhile, has been named Miracle.

UPDATE: Police say Veronica Deramous’ 17-year-old son helped with the attack that was far more depraved than originally reported. Here’s the updated version:

Deramous reportedly met 29-year-old Teka Adams at the Queen of Peace, Missionaries of Charity shelter, a site for the homeless and pregnant women with nowhere else to stay. She persuaded Adams to come to her apartment with the promise that she’d give her baby clothes.

But Deramous apparently intended to steal the baby all along. She’d been telling relatives that she was pregnant. When the pair got to the apartment, Deramous had her 17-year-old son duct tape Adams to a chair.

She remained that way for five days until Saturday, when Deramous decided to cut the baby from her womb. It was a vicious attack. Deramous has no medical training, and used a box cutter and razor blades to perform her ad hoc procedure.

“You’re strong, you can handle what I’m going to do to you,” she reportedly told her victim, according to the police report. Then she turned up the TV and gagged Adams before she cut her stomach open.

But she apparently stopped when Adams was in too much pain. By then, the pregnant woman’s intestines, stomach and placenta were already showing.

Still, Deramous managed to fall asleep while a pregnant woman sat bleeding and taped to a chair in her bedroom. That’s when Adams managed to escape. Neighbors found her bleeding and close to death in the apartment building’s parking lot.

Deramous and her son fled the apartment before police arrived. But they were later arrested in Virginia on a tip. The son has yet to be charged.