Alexis Pounder, 3, Tortured and Starved to Death by Dad Donald Cockrell, Girlfriend



​When an Oregon judge viewed pictures of 3-year-old Alexis Pounder’s body, he found them so disturbing that he had them sealed. The girl had apparently been starved and tortured to death by her dad and his girlfriend, who are also charged with torturing Alexis’ sister…

Donald Lee Cockrell is charged with beating, torturing and starving his 3-year-old daughter to death

​Though police aren’t releasing specific details, they say the Alexis was starved and tortured to death at her Sandy, Oregon home. Detectives say her sister also showed signs of torture.

Alexis’ dad Donald Lee Cockrell and his girlfriend, Michelle Nicole Smith, have both been charged with murder. The torture occurred in Smith’s parents home, where the couple lived with five children in a separate unit downstairs.

Alexis is said to have died from blunt force trauma and “acute starvation.” Cockrell and Smith both worked as security guards for DePaul Industries, but their licenses have been yanked since their arrest.

The remaining children have all been pulled from the home, but no one involved seems to be a decent enough parent to care for them. A judge refused to give the surviving daughter to Alexis’ mom, Heather Marie Pounder, because she has a drug problem.

The three other children are Smith’s, all born to different fathers, and police are trying to locate them. Nice people, eh?

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