Caught on Tape: Women Goes Apeshit at McDonald’s Over Bad Hamburger



UPDATE: Last week, we brought you adventures from a Kansas City McDonald’s, where a woman went batty over a hamburger that did not meet her exacting specifications. Someone identified her in the video, and the McDonald’s menace is now safely behind bars. See update after the jump…

Here’s a tip about fast food: it’s supposed to be shitty. But one woman didn’t take kindly to getting a bad hamburger at McDonald’s. She returned it twice, but the store said it wouldn’t give her money back. So she went nuts, throwing water, pushing over cash registers, and chucking things at the clerk.
UPDATE: The woman who trashed a McDonald’s over a bad burger has been arrested.
Though it would seem a minor crime, damage from the incident was estimated at $3,000. So after seeing the video, someone called a police hotline informing them that the hamburger villain was none other than Alesha McMullen.
Police went to her Kansas City home and found her in a much meeker state — she was hiding in a closet. She admitted she was pissed about the burger and went on a rampage.