Cop Brian Decker Beats Grocery Clerk for Carding Him Over Tobacco Purchase



​It’s one of those minor nuisances in life — the store that decides to card everyone, regardless or age, for liquor and tobacco purchases. Better to torture your customers that run afoul of the company lawyer, the logic seems to go. But suburban Philly cop Brian Decker considered this practice a mortal sin…

A female clerk at a Wawa grocery store says she’d had problems with Decker in the past when he came in to buy chewing tobacco. When she once asked the 33-year-old cop for his ID, he threw his money at her, grabbed the tobacco, and told her to call police.

But this time when she asked, Decker wasn’t so kind. He repeatedly punched the assistant manager in the face, sending her to the hospital. He also threatened to get her fired and told her to “watch her back.”

Alas, it seems Decker should have taken that advice himself. He was immediately fired from the Ridley Township Police Department, where he’d been an officer for seven years. He’s now awaiting charges of assault, harassment and making terroristic threats.