Dwayne Johnson Beat Puppy to Death with Flashlight So His Girlfriend Couldn’t Have Him



​How an ex-con who stands 6-foot-1 and weighs 530 pounds gets a girlfriend, we’re not sure. But Dwayne R. Johnson of Madison, Wisconsin apparently had one, and he was arguing with her over money when the beef turned to who got custody of their puppy…

Since Dwayne R. Johnson is a huge dickhead, you would be correct in assuming his 6-week-old dog was a pit bull. Why do dickheads always own pit bulls? Penis extension, my friends.

Neighbors were too afraid of the portly poker to intervene in the vicious attack

​Anyway, it seems Johnson wanted to keep the puppy. But the girlfriend wanted it as well. So Johnson told her that if he couldn’t have it, no one could. That’s when he decided to beat the puppy to death with a flashlight last month, then chuck it in a dumpster.

Neighbors who witnessed the attack were too scared to call police, since Johnson is a massive porker. But someone apparently gathered the stones to call the cops and report the incident.

Johnson is now in jail for mistreatment of an animal causing death. Johnson also has a 1997 conviction for false imprisonment. A veterinarian said the dog died from head trauma and fractured ribs that punctured its lungs.