Earl Bradley, Pedophile Pediatrician: No One Acted on Warnings That Go Back 10 Years



​When we last left Dr. Earl Bradley, the Delaware pediatrician had been arrested for filming himself molesting young children at his clinic. Now police believe he may have gone perv on more than 100 children, but no one ever acted on warnings about him…

The case is particularly gruesome because some of Bradley’s victims were just 6-months-old, and his own videos show him raping kids with a “violently enraged expression
on his face.”

After exams, Bradley took patients as young as 6-month-old to his basement or an outbuilding, where he would film his molestations

​Worse yet, Bradley should have been caught years ago — if not for police ineptitude and a state medical board that showed little interest in prosecuting one of their own. All this leniency for a doctor routinely referred to as a pedophile by fellow physicians.

Though state law says medical workers and police must notify the Delaware Board of Medical Practice within 30 days of suspected abuse — even if they think the doctor just “may be” guilty — the board says it didn’t hear of any complaints until after his arrest last month. But it appears both the board and police were negligent in pursuing warnings.

Police say that after finishing exams, Bradley would take the kids to an outside building or the clinic basement to molest them.

In 2005, his own sister, Linda Barnes — who worked as his office manager — says she told two officials with the state medical society that patients had complained that he was molesting them.

The Delaware attorney general got involved, and decided to refer the case to the medical board, but apparently never did. But when police in Milford, Delaware tried to file a complaint that year, the board told them to come back when they had a victim or a parent.

Moreover, when state police began investigating Bradley in 2008, they too never informed the medical board, though they were supposed to do so within 30 days of launching their probe. They say they didn’t want to jeopardize their investigation. Who knows how many more kids were molested in the meantime.

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