Gary Riley Charged with Raping His Neighbor’s Dog



​In case you feel like being really weirded out on this fine Monday morning, we bring you this tale from Chino Valley, Arizona. That’s where a man came home to find his 6-month-old collie missing from his fenced-in yard…

So he searched the neighborhood looking for the young lass, to no avail. When he arrived back home, he found his neighbor — 38-year-old Gary Riley — raping the animal.

But it seems Riley wasn’t ready to give up his newfound sexual treasure. He put up a struggle before the neighbor punched him in the face to ensure the dog’s release. By the time police arrived, Riley was hiding under a bed.

He claimed he was just returning the dog to its rightful owner. But police found scratches and claw marks all over his body — including his pelvic area, which presumably would have been covered in any decent I’m Just Returning Your Dog case.

A medical exam also indicated the dog had been raped. Riley is now being held for bestiality, assault and theft.