Michelle Reynolds Plotted with Minister Scott Harper to Kill Her Husband in Love Triangle



Sullins Reynolds, a mother of four from Rome, Georgia, was cheating on her husband with the youth minister from her church, Richard Scott Harper, who had three kids of his own. But instead of getting a divorce, they decided it would be far better to kill Thad Reynolds…

Baptist minister Richard Scott Harper apparently thought the commandments about killing and coveting thy neighbor’s wife were optional

​So in 2004, this man of God waited outside a Frito-Lay
distribution center where Thad worked as district manager. He may have been a deacon and marriage counselor at the same Hollywood Baptist Church where Harper pastored to kids, but that didn’t mean he was immune from getting whacked.

Police say the minister jumped Thad, stabbing him 19 times. He later stashed the knife at a hospital where he was treated for his own injuries.

Last year, Harper pleaded guilty to the murder and agreed to testify against Michelle under one condition — neither of them would get the death penalty. He was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole.

Today, Michelle also pleaded guilty voluntary manslaughter. She was sentenced to 20 years in the slam, minus the five she’s already served awaiting trial.