Robert Jenkins Arrested for Peeing on Steaks at Walmart



​When heading off to jail, it’s best to commit a crime that will provide you with a manly story to tell your fellow inmates, something a little more desperado-like than, say, knee-capping a rival figure skater. Working as a hired gun for the Mafia always sounds good…

Armored car heists always have a nice ring to them. And even if you’re not quite up to something this ambitious, you can still trot out the old resisting arrest.

Unfortunately, Robert T. Jenkins now sits in jail with probably the worst criminal tale ever. He was arrested at a Walmart in Canton, Ohio for peeing on steaks. Yes, you heard that right.

Cops were called to the store after Jenkins simply walked up to the meat counter, pulled out his manly apparatus — which we hope isn’t capable of reproduction — and begin peeing on the steak selection.

No one seems to know why he did it, unless he was practicing a bold new form of marinating.

The poor dope supposedly ruined $600 worth meat. (Be careful, Canton area shoppers. This being Walmart, there’s a good chance they simply hosed them down and put them back on display.)

Jenkins has been charged with felony vandalism and disorderly conduct.