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Uncle: Soldier Joshua Hunter Can't Blame the War for Murdering My Nephew

By Pete Kotz in fugitives, homicide
Sunday, January 10, 2010 at 7:07 am
Reader Mike responds to Soldier Joshua Hunter Captured After Stabbing Two Servicemen to Death. He's the uncle of Waide James, one of the men killed by Hunter, and says Hunter is simply a piece of shit. The war had nothing to do with the slayings...

"This had nothing to do with the war. This had everything to do with this kid having issues from his childhood and becoming a habitual liar. And this kid saw zero action or anyone blown up in Iraq.

Soldier Waide James was murdered by his supposed friend, fellow serviceman Joshua Hunter
"He lied to his parents, wife and friend to get attention. And how do I know this? I've spoken first hand to soldiers that served with him Waide and Diego and all of them said this kid is a liar and saw absolutely no action.

"And how close did his wife and parents actually know him? Apparently they weren't that close or they might have known this information. Bottom line, this kid is a useless piece of trash who needs to spend the rest of his cowardly and pathetic life in prison.

"And no, I do not feel empathetic to himself or any member of his family. Their family member is still breathing, mine is not!!! Sincerely, Waide James' Uncle."

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