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Vance Fulkerson, Perv Professor, Pleads to Videotaping Boys in His Bathroom

Tuesday, January 5, 2010 at 11:41 am
It was a rather simply if not altogether original plan. Vance Fulkerson, a drama professor at the University of Northern Colorado, placed a video camera inside a digital clock in his bathroom, allowing him to secretly witness his young charges in various stages of undress...

Prosecutors believe he operated the camera for more than a year, until a student found it inside the clock in July. There were 13 victims in all, but yesterday Fulkerson pleaded guilty to filming five of them, all under age 18.

Fulkerson, who spent 18 years at the school, was apparently part of a drama department that liked to party hard. A subsequent investigation revealed that other professors had relations with students in the department, and that at least two profs smoked pot with their students.

By pleading guilty to sexual exploitation of children, Fulkerson managed to get 16 charges dropped, including nine peeping Tom charges.

He'll be sentenced March 3, where guidelines say he could get anywhere from life to mere probation.

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