Walmart Greeter Ed Bauman Fired for Defending Himself After Getting Punched by Customer



Walmart has long been known as America’s worst employer for its substandard health care, endless lawsuits regarding racial and sexual discrimination, and pay so bad it’s even handed out welfare info at job interviews. Now add another sin to its list of crimes…

Ed Bauman, 69, was working as a greeter at the Walmart in Palm Bay, Florida when the security alarm went off as 23-year-old Skyler Lowery was leaving the store.
Bauman followed him to the parking lot to take his license plate number, which pissed off the younger man, so he took the greeter’s clipboard. Bauman tried to get it back. That’s when Lowery took a swing at him. Bauman, quite naturally, swung back in self-defense before another customer subdued the perp.
Lowery claims Bauman used a racial slur against him, but we’re not buying the word of any guy who punches 69-year-old men and has a soap opera name.
One might think Bauman would get an atta-boy from supervisors for diligently attempting to keep the store from getting ripped off — and going toe-to-toe with a guy 47 years his junior.
But this being Walmart, the company instead fired him for fighting with a customer, an act so un-American that executives should be tried for treason. Police say he was well within his rights to defend himself.