Wendy Sewell Pleads to Gluing Her Cheating Boyfriend’s Penis to His Stomach



Wednesday morning’s Breakfast Reading from around the Village Voice Empire: A third woman pleads guilty to gluing cheater’s penis to his stomach. A man tries to marry his girlfriend so she can’t testify against him. And a second-generation pedophile is arrested…

Brandon Deyo was arrested after molesting his new wife’s 6-year-old sister

The Cheating Heart
Wendy Sewell pleads guilty to gluing her cheating boyfriend’s penis to his stomach

Married to a Moron
Michael Mitchell tried to marry his girlfriend so she couldn’t testify against him in a murder case. It didn’t turn out so well.

Like Father, Like Son
Son of Noodles the Clown, career pedophile and child entertainer, busted for going perv too.