14-Year-Old Hit with Child Porn Charges for Sexting Naked Photo of His Ex-Girlfriend



​An unnamed 14-year-old in Lacey, Washington received a cell phone message from his girlfriend containing a photo of her naked. This, of course, was while they were still dating. Problems didn’t arise till after the young couple from Chinook Middle School broke up…

Police say the girl’s photo was rather graphic, making it child porn.

​That’s when the boy decided a lot of other people would enjoying seeing his ex-girlfriend naked. So he sent it to his friends. Who sent it to their friends. And just like that, it was the most commonly viewed photo at three different schools.

The girl’s mom in not happy. “She did something out of trust,” she told KIRO-TV. “I suppose wanting to be accepted, loved. It was a mistake.”

But she now wants blood, believing the ex-boyfriend did it to intentionally harm her daughter.

The boy has been arrested on suspicion of peddling child porn, seeing as how the girl was only 14 and her photo is said to be rather graphic. No final charges have been issued, but two young girls could also be charged with forwarding the picture. If convicted for “dealing in depictions of a minor engaged in sexually explicit conduct” — that’s the legal phrase — they would all have to register as sex offenders.

So what do you think, dear readers? This was obviously a really shitty thing to do. But is it wise to label 14-year-olds sex offenders for the rest of their lives for merely forwarding a photo?