Brandie Gilley Boasts of Having Sex with 15-Year-Old… to Boy’s Mother



​Since it’s Friday, we decided to give you a double dose of moronocity today. Meet Brandie Gilley, a 22-year-old belle from Crestview, Florida. She has a hankering for younger men. Let’s just say the 15-year-old variety…

So back in December, she jumped into bed with a sleeping 15-year-old, performed oral sex on him, then climbed aboard to finish the deal. She told the kid not to tell anyone.

But Brandie didn’t follow her own advice. A few months later she was sitting on the couch with the boy’s mom, apparently in a stated of hammeredness. For reasons known only to Brandie, she decided that this would be a good time to tell mom she’d gone perv on her son.

Mom, it seems, wasn’t thrilled over this revelation. Who wouldda thought? Now Brandie’s charged with lewd and lascivious battery. She’s also being encouraged to find some less incriminating bar stories.