Campus Blotter: Breanne Fraser’s Threesome Ends in Stabbing, Theft at Bentley University



This week’s Campus Blotter reminds us that threesomes are best experienced in French movies — a painful lesson learned by Bentley University student Rafael Pena, with help from acquaintance Breanne Fraser.

Things looked promising for Pena when Fraser and her friend Sarah Monta came looking for sex before dawn on February 3. But $300 and a couple pints of blood later, Pena wasn’t feeling so lucky.
Cops at the Massachusetts campus say Pena invited Fraser and Monta inside his apartment and offered to pay for a lucrative session of sex before downgrading to just a $50 blowjob.
An argument over money ensued, and one of the women stabbed Pena in the chest; they swiped $300 from his desk and left him bleeding in the hallway.
Now it appears these girls have gone wild before: In a current case in Boston, a 48-year-old man allegedly offered $300 in casino winnings for a threesome with Monta, 19, and Fraser, 22. When the man backed out of the deal, the women punched, kicked, and bit him for no additional charge, then bolted without refunding his money.
Arresting officers in the Bentley incident confiscated a purse stuffed with condoms, birth-control pills, lube, cold-sore cream, and a court summons.
Monta and Fraser pleaded not guilty to charges of assault and armed robbery.
Pena, meanwhile, is recovering from his stab wound and plans to pursue unpaid sex from now on like every other student in America does.
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