Donna Greenwell Traded Two Children for $175 and a Cockatoo



​Donna Greenwell met Paul and Brandy Romero after the couple put up fliers offering to sell their cockatoo for $1,500. It seems Greenwell badly wanted the exotic bird, but didn’t have the money. So she offered to trade two children for it…

Paul Romero apparently thought swapping his bird for two children was a pretty good deal

​The Romeros, as it turns out, thought a 4-year-old girl and a 5-year-old boy was a pretty good deal for a bird. They agreed to kick in an extra $175 and a pact was reached. But the accord would soon see troubles.

The children, fortunately, weren’t Greenwell’s. They’d been left with her by their parents for reasons unknown. But regardless of mom and dad’s parental interest, they probably thought trading their kids for a damned bird wasn’t a very sweet proposition.

The Romeros confessed to the transaction and agreed to rat out Greenwell, a plea that eased them into 5-year suspended sentences each.

The 52-year-old Greenwell, from Pitkin, Louisiana, was sentenced to 15 months of hard labor.