Fugitive Watch: Child Rapist Douglas Dishon Caught After Murdering His Wife in Mexico



​Welcome back to Fugitive Watch, where each week we offer up stories of scumbags on the run. This week we bring you Douglas Dishon, who was charged with raping children and then evaded police by running off to Mexico, where he recently buried his wife alive under their house…

Douglas Dishon fled the US in 2005, after sexually molesting a number of minors.

​On July 13, 2005, 61-year-old Douglas Dishon was supposed to appear in court on multiple charges of child molestation. Instead, he and his wife Vicky posted $300,000 on his $10 million bail and fled for Mexico.

Dishon was never a loyal, loving husband. Or a decent man at all, really. Shortly after he and Vicky were married, Dishon began sexually abusing one of his wife’s underage female relatives. 
When the girl came forward about the abuse, however, Vicky dismissed it as a lie — just a ploy to get attention. Dishon told the girl that it was common for men to make these sorts of sexual advances on their female family members — something you didn’t need to talk about, but just forget. 
Still, the girl knew it was wrong. But when she went to police, Dishon threatened her with more abuse unless she recanted her story. She did what he said, but Dishon didn’t keep his word. For the next seven years, he continued raping her.
Meanwhile, Vicky turned to drugs and alcohol to numb the pain of the truth about her husband, who continued to rack up more underage victims, including a 9-year-old boy. 
Finally, by 2005, many of Dishon’s victims started coming forward. One agreed to wear a wire tap while meeting with Dishon. After gathering all the evidence they needed, police finally charged him with numerous counts of child molestation in two Arizona counties, Peoria and Yavapai. 
But that wasn’t even close to the end of Dishon’s criminal escapades. 
Shortly after he was jailed, he and Vicky posted bail and ran off to Playa Del Carmen in Mexico. They lived in a little tourist community as Ben and Sonnie Waller. The couple attracted plenty of attention with their fighting. Neighbors say they were well aware that “Ben” beat “Sonnie” on numerous occasions.
So when things got a bit quiet over at the Waller’s place in January, one neighbor got suspicious. After she hadn’t seen “Sonnnie” in a while, she called the Mexican police, who opened an investigation. Around the same time, Dishon had been admitted to the hospital, where he was being treated after an attempted suicide. 
When police first questioned Dishon, he claimed that a nasty dose of drugs and alcohol had thrown his wife into a horrible seizure. He claims she fell and hit her head and then died in his arms. He said that, since she they were illegal immigrants, he decided not to report her death out of fear of his own deportation. He said he buried her under their house instead. 
But once Dishon led the police to Vicky’s body, it was clear that her death was anything but 

Vicky Dishon was buried alive by her husband underneath their house in Mexico.

​an accident. Her hands and legs were bound, her nose and mouth gagged with duct tape. Apparently, she’d received numerous blows to her head and body, though not enough to kill her. Rather, she’d died from suffocation. Dishon had buried alive, alongside her possessions, including some sentimental photographs and letters, her rings, and a Bible. This was her reward for standing by her man. 
Dishon was arrested and charged with murder. This time, he did not post bail. But he did attract quite a bit of attention when he begged to be tried in Mexico and not in the United States. 
Suspicious of his request, Mexican authorities began digging around in the US for more info on “Ben Waller” and why he was so afraid to return to America. In the meantime, a Mexican court had decided to release Dishon on the grounds that it did not have enough evidence to prosecute him. 
But shortly before he was set free, police discovered Dishon’s true identity and the fact that he was wanted for multiple counts of sexual assault against minors.
As of today, Dishon has been extradited back to Arizona, where he is sitting in jail without bail. Authorities in the States are also looking to charge him for the murder of his wife. 

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