Mary Doolin Pimped Out Her Own Daughter to Undercover Cop



​Iowa’s known for a lot of things, such as pigs and corn and… well… pigs and corn. But the agrarian state isn’t regarded for its highly developed prostitution scene. Mary J. Doolin, however, seems to have a corner on the hooker market…

Debra Voshell’s own mother sent her out to sex up an undercover cop

​The 60-year-old Cedar Rapids woman has numerous previous busts for pimping and prostitution, mostly likely because she’s not very good at it.

So when an undercover cop called for a date in Coralville, she sent out one of her girls. But it wasn’t just any girl. It was her 37-year-old daughter, Debra Voshell, who offered said cop various fleshly pleasures in exchange for U.S. currency.

The cop, quite naturally, charged Lady Voshell with pandering. Doolin admitted to running a prostitution ring for years.