Meghan Landowski Murder: Robert Barnes, 17, Convicted of Raping, Stabbing His Classmate 40 Times



​17-year-old Robert Barnes was a good boy — or so people thought. He was a talented violinist and top student at the Governor’s School for the Arts in Portsmouth, Virginia. He was also a friend of 16-year-old Meghan Landowski…

Meghan Landowski was found raped and stabbed to death in her Virginia home, left for dead in a pool of blood on the kitchen floor

​No one knows what got into him that afternoon in April of 2008. But he broke into Meghan’s house while no one was home and waited for her to get home from school. As she walked in the door, he attacked.

He duct taped her mouth shut and taped her arms behind her back. Then he raped her before stabbing her 40 times — a dozen of those wounds came after she was already dead. He left her bleeding with her pants down on the kitchen floor, the pool of blood spread 10-feet wide.

Father Chris Shortt was the first to find her. “I
walked in and the front door was open,” he testified. “I stepped forward and I saw her laying there. She was
white, like a China doll. Then I noticed her throat. I’d rather not say what that looked like because my wife
still doesn’t know.”

The two kids had been friends and former classmates, waiting together for the bus when they went to the same school. To this day, Barnes has never said why he murdered the girl. In court, he apologized to the family. But he’s never explained whether the attack was simply sexually motivated, or if he had a beef with the young girl.

Barnes was sentenced yesterday to 42 years in prison.