Natalee Holloway Case: Joran Van Der Sloot Confesses to Killing Her Again



UPDATE: Joran Van Der Sloot now says Natalee Holloway accidentally fell off a balcony while she was drunk and doing coke. Aruba police say he’s lying, but Dutch police think it’s worth investigating. See update after the jump…

Natalee Holloway hasn’t been seen since leaving a nightclub in Aruba in 2005

​According to the German news agency RTL, Joran Van Der Sloot has once
again confessed to murdering 17-year-old Natalee Holloway, opening up a
new round of investigation into the Alabama student who disappeared in
Aruba in 2005.

Natalee was last seen leaving a nightclub with Van Der Sloot and two other men during a post-graduation vacation. Van Der Sloot has been arrested twice, as have the other men. But they were released due to insufficient evidence.

He confessed last year to a Dutch reporter, but Aruban detectives said the admission was bogus, since the timeline and people involved didn’t add up. Investigators believed he was trying to offer multiple stories to avert to truth.

His latest confession was before the cameras of RTL News. Van Der Sloot has reportedly confessed to dumping her body in a marsh. But if that were true, there’s little chance of recovering it.

The latest admission has launched a new investigation into Natalee’s disappearance.

UPDATE: Joran Van der Sloot says Natalee died after drunkenly falling off a balcony.

In his latest confession on German TV, he says Natalee and his friend went to his friend’s house to drink whiskey and snort coke. Natalee supposedly climbed on the edge of the balcony to perform a half-hearted stripe tease.

Van Der Sloot walked over and started to dance with her. But when he let go of her hips, she fell to the ground below. “I think she hit the ground with her head first,” he says. So he and the friend put her in a car and dumped her body in a swamp.

At least that’s what he’s saying this time around.

In a previous confession in 2008, he said Natalee got drunk and died on a beach, so they threw her body in the ocean.

Police in Aruba are calling the latest confession “fantasy and lies.” But Dutch police believe there’s some merit to the admission — at least enough to make it worth investigating.