Russell Williams, Top Canadian Air Force Commander, Charged with Murdering Two Women, Raping Others



UPDATE: Now that Colonel Russell Williams has been arrested, police across Canada are reexamining multiple murders of young women who were killed near bases where he was stationed. See update after the jump…

One of Canada’s top military commanders has been arrested for two murders, and police suspect he sexually assaulted at least two other women and perhaps more. Colonel Russell Williams was arrested Sunday and has reportedly confessed to his crimes.
According to police, Williams was a sexual predator who took elaborate precautions so he wouldn’t get caught.

Marie-France Comeau was murdered last November near an Ontario air force base

​He’s charged with the murder of a corporal near an Ontario air force base in November, and two sexual assaults in September. But he wasn’t caught until this week after the murder of his latest victim.

Police say a 27-year-old woman disappeared January 29 after sending a text message to a friend that she’d arrived home safely. As they canvassed a highway near the woman’s home, they found tire tracks near the crime scene that matched those on Williams’ SUV.

When Williams was arrested, he reportedly led police to the body of the woman who disappeared. She was found in the woods near his home in Tweed, Ontario.

He also confessed to breaking into women’s homes, then tying them up and raping them. Though the reports haven’t been confirmed, Williams may have broken into as many as 50 homes. Most of the time he just stole their underwear. But when he found someone home, things turned deadly.


​Williams is said to have bound the women with duct tape and covered their heads with pillow cases. Then he tied them to chairs and photographed them naked. He would lay bedsheets and blankets on the floor to avoid leaving evidence.

Police believe he also may be responsible for the 2001 rape and murder of a 19-year-old woman at a base east of Toronto.

Williams was a big shot within the Canadian air force. He served as a pilot for the country’s prime minister and visiting British royalty. He also commanded Canada’s largest air force base and was in charge of Camp Mirage in the Middle East. 

Police are now retracing his many assignments to see if they can link him to other crimes in those areas. We’ll keep you posted.

UPDATE: Police are reinvestigating multiple murders of young women who were killed near bases where Williams was stationed.

Police in Halifax, an eastern city in Nova Scotia, are reopening the cases of three young women who were killed from 1992-1994 while Williams was stationed at the nearby Shearwater base. That’s when Andrea King, 18, Shelley Connors, 17, and Kimber Leanne Lucas, 24, were all found murdered.
Then there’s the 2001 murder of 19-year-old Kathleen MacVicar at the Trenton base in Ontario. She had been staying with a family on the base when she disappeared, only to be found two days later sexually assaulted and stabbed to death.
There’s also the 1991 murder of Glenda Morrisseau, 19, who was found beaten to death in 1991 while Williams as stationed in Manitoba.