Sean Lynde Gets No Jail for Torturing, Murdering His Girlfriend’s Cats



​Maybe the New York woman thought she was jinxed. She kept getting new cats, and they kept dying. She never suspected that her 37-year-old boyfriend, Sean Lynde, was a serial feline killer. Who would expect that from a loved home? …

But according to police, Lynde, a graphic artist and former roadie for the alt-rock band Guster, was one sick puppy.

Lynde was accused of killing four cats in all, including snapping the necks of Bonifide and Emo.

​Three days after he moved in, girlfriend Rachael Strate found the first cat dead behind a dryer. Its jaw was broken, its mouth stuffed with laundry detergent, and its head had been beaten.

Four more cats would die over the next four months. Police believe Lynde would beat them and snap their necks. His girlfriend didn’t know for sure how they died, and Lynde would always have excuses — like the cat fell off the kitchen counter and stopped breathing.

In all, five cats would die and one went missing. And Lynde wouldn’t be identified as the sick bastard he is if he hadn’t started to abuse Strate as well. Police say he once smashed her laptop in an argument. When they later broke up, he began to stalk her.

The dickhead pleaded guilty to one count of animal cruelty this week in Manhattan. But he admitted to only snapping the neck of one cat in January of last year. As part of the deal, he won’t serve any time, but he has to stay away from Strate and undergo therapy.

As the judge noted, it wasn’t exactly a satisfying sentence for a prick like this.