The Mysterious Dog Poisoner of Carmichael, California



​When the Lewis family moved into their new California home, they didn’t know they were relocating next to a dog hater. A previous family who lived there came home one day to discover their Doberman had been smacked over the head with a 2×4…

But it really seems the neighbor hates the Lewis’ three dogs. The family believes the neighbor, who has not been charged, threw poisoned meat over their fence so the dogs would eat it. One died, one is hospitalized, and one has recovered. But a vet says they all eat something akin to rat poison.

“Duke fell down and just couldn’t move, started shaking all over the place and knocking down tables,” Gage Lewis told CBS13-TV.

But while it seems everyone in the neighborhood knows who the dog killer is, they don’t have any proof to take to police.