World of Warcraft: The Crack-Cocaine of the Gaming Life



​Reader Joe Schmo responds to James Swan Chokes Mom, Smashes Head Though Wall in Argument Over World of Warcraft. He says this game is so addictive it leads some players to go off like crack heads on a bender…

“I’ve seen WoW players who have lost it. They exhibit all the signs of a
drug addict. I’ve seen hardcore gamers that put off eating (and demand
that someone brings it to them), put off showering, have no social
life, and never leave the house.

“When the power goes out, they lose it.
Take away their games and they will freak out. They will shout and get
angry if their game gets disrupted.

“I am defiantly not saying that
anywhere near close to a majority of gamers do this but that a small
minority does. People with poor social skills and mental disorders
(depression, anxiety, adhd, etc…) are more prone to addictions.

use video games to mask their problems while others may use porn,
television, shopping, alcohol, prescription drugs, illicit drugs,
gambling, etc…
This guy is a horrible human-being and should be not be given any
leniency for his actions.”