15-Year-Old Girl Offers 7-Year-Old Sister Up for Gang Rape at Party



​It was bad enough that the 15-year-old girl decided to go to a party in Trenton, New Jersey and offer her own body for sale. Even worse is that she brought along her 7-year-old sister, putting her up to be gang-raped for money as well…

It began Sunday night, when the the older girl brought her sister to a party on the 13th floor of the Rowan Towers apartment complex. Police believe as many as 12-15 boys and men were in attendance.

The 15-year-old decided to whore herself for money in a bedroom with multiple partners, leaving her little sister in the living room. When she emerged, she showed her sister a wad of cash and told her to offer it up as well.

Police believe 5-7 men and boys held the little girl down, then proceeded to gang rape her. They told her they would kill her if she screamed or told anyone.

The 15-year-old girl collected money and watched her little sister get raped, urging her to perform for the men.

When the little girl was finally let go, two people found her outside the building crying. They escorted her home, where police were already waiting. The girls’ parents had already called the cops, worried that the older daughter had run away and taken the 7-year-old with her. That’s when the younger girl admitted she’d been raped.

When police found the 15-year-old, she too admitted to the incident. She’s been charged with sexual assault, criminal restraint, terroristic threats, prostitution, and child endangerment. Now police are left to look for the men and boys who attended the party. Trenton police say more arrests are imminent.