Charles McGill, Apocalyptic Religious Nut, Raped His 5 Daughters to Keep Pure Bloodline



​Charles McGill, who also went by the name “Aswad Ayinde,” believed the world was going to end. But in his eyes, he was among the chosen people who would be spared. So he decided to maintain his blessed bloodlines by having six kids with his daughters…

Police say the family squatted in an abandoned funeral home in East Orange, New Jersey and elsewhere around the state, where McGill beat his kids with boards and kicked them with steel-toed boots when they didn’t obey.

He also raped all five of his daughters to maintain his obviously solid bloodlines. Three of the girls gave birth to his six daughters/grandchildren. The babies were delivered at home. Two eventually died, and the rest never got birth certificates.

Police say the family constantly moved to stay ahead of child welfare investigators, at one point fleeing to Florida. They were also home-schooled and kept under rigid watch so they wouldn’t tell others.

McGill’s ex-wife Beverly was too afraid to intervene on her daughter’s behalf, believing she would be beaten. She eventually fled her husband and filed for divorce. She will now testify against him at trial.

The five daughters have grown up and moved away to undisclosed locations with their kids.

The 51-year-old McGill will soon face five separate trials involving each daughter. He’s charged with 27 felonies, including sexual assault, lewdness,
child endangerment, and criminal sexual contact.

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