David Delagrange Used Shoe Camera to get Upskirt Shots at Indianapolis Mall



​David Delagrange isn’t just your garden-variety degenerate. He’s taking the Art of the Pervert to a whole new technological frontier. Possessing some electronic skill, the Fort Wayne, Indiana man decided to fix a tiny camera to his shoe…

He then wired it so he could run the controls from his pocket.

With his new technological might, he went to the Castleton Square Mall in Indianapolis for a pleasant afternoon of voyeurism. He would get close to women wearing dresses, place his shoe beneath their skirts, and begin filming.

But one shopper noticed him getting weirdly close to women and told a cop working at the mall. The officer noticed Delagrange (pictured above) acting like a creep and confronted him.

Delagrange, however, wasn’t interested in being arrested. He took a swing at the cop. So the cop decided to taser his ass as a way of showing him it’s not a good idea to punch cops. 

Police aren’t sure how many women Delagrange went perv on, but they did find extra storage devices in his home and car, suggesting he was set on archiving an impressive selection of upskirt shots. They also believe at least one of his victims was a minor.

He’s now charged with voyeurism, resisting arrest, and child exploitation.