Francisco Henry Robbed Teens, Forced Them to Perform Sex Acts at Gunpoint



​It appears that credit overload and the ruins of the Wall Street parasites have created an abundance of teen clubhouses. Four teens were hanging out playing cards in an abandoned home in Delray Beach, Florida when in walked Francisco Henry…

He pulled out a gun and robbed the kids, including a 17-year-old boy, a 16-year-old girl, and two younger boys.

But Henry (pictured above), who was accompanied by the equally sadistic Spencer Britt, 17, wasn’t content to just take their stuff.

17-year-old Spencer Britt is accused of forcing teenaged boys to perform sex acts on each other

​According to the victims, Henry raped the girl and forced one of the boys to rape her as well. Then he forced two boys to perform sex acts on each other. To encourage them to follow his directions, he fired shots into the wall whenever they thought about defying him.

The assault lasted more than an hour until a third man arrived. He took Henry and Britt outside where he apparently convinced them that they were assholes. The man returned alone, telling the kids to get dressed and bolt as fast as they could.

But the victims knew Henry from the neighborhood and told police where he lived. Henry and Britt are now charged with armed robbery, kidnapping, sexual battery, promoting sexual activity of a victim under 16, assault and burglary.

And since the dickhead Henry later threatened the kids, he’s also charged with witness tampering.