Glenda Jones Robbed at Knifepoint Inside Walmart, Security Refuses to Help



​Glenda Jones was shopping for groceries to make her kids breakfast at 6 a.m. in a Houston Walmart. She was in the window treatment aisle when she was grabbed by a man, placed in a choke hold, and had a knife pushed against her back…

The man demanded her cash, and threatened to kill Glenda and her family if she reported the robbery.

“If you don’t give it all to me, I will kill you,” Glenda told a Houston TV station, quoting the bad guy.
“By then, I started feeling a sharp object coming in my back.”

But she’s apparently a mom who doesn’t take shit. After being ripped off, she followed the man through the aisles and yelled for help. “I got right behind him and I was going after him. I was not going to let him get away and nothing happen.”

Unfortunately, she was shopping at America’s Most Depraved Retailer, which routinely fires employees who try to do what’s right. The bad guy strolled right past employees and security outside, where he made his escape.

Afterward, a manager told her security was barred from getting involved with robberies. “He
said even if the security guards had been inside the store, there’s
nothing that they can do,” Glenda told the TV station. “They are there to protect the

But Walmart at least called police, which was very nice of them.

That has community activist Quanell X, who’s apparently watched one too many Spike Lee movies, just a little pissed: “There
is not a product or a piece of merchandise that Walmart can sell in
their stores that has more value than a human life.”

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