Tessa Vanvlerah, Professor Kenneth Kyle Repeatedly Raped Her 5-Month-Old Baby



​Here’s a story sure to blog up the Degenerate Meter: Police were first alerted to Kenneth M. Kyle, a professor at California State-East Bay, when he sent 100 child porn photos to an undercover FBI agent through a file sharing service…

Police subsequently searched his San Francisco home March 10 and seized computers after they found photos showing young children being abused by adults. But Kyle was in Germany at the time, and wasn’t arrested until five days later when he returned to the U.S.

Kenneth Kyle, a professor at Cal State-East Bay, is accused of traveling to Missouri at least five times to rape a baby

​The investigation then led detectives to 20-year-old Tessa L. Vanvlerah of Ballwin, Missouri. It seems the pair had met online. At some point, she offered up her own 5-month-old baby for them both to rape. 

Police believe Kyle traveled to Missouri at least five times, where the pair raped the child at various hotels around St. Louis. The baby is now 13 months old, but the molestation began when the kid was a mere five months.

This isn’t the first time Vanvlerah’s been charged with being a perv. In 2008, a mother got a restraining order against her, accusing Vanvlerah of seducing her 16-year-old autistic son. Vanvlerah later bragged online about the seduction, and said she’d become pregnant with the boy’s baby, but it doesn’t appear that any criminal case arose from the affair.

It’s unclear if the molested child is the son of the autistic boy, but the father of Vanvlerah’s child has signed away his custody rights.

Both Vanvlerah and Kyle, 46, are charged with statutory rape, statutory sodomy, and promoting child porn. Vanvlerah faces an additional incest hit, and Kyle also faces federal porn charges in California.

The upside is that the baby appears to be okay, according to police. They’re hoping the child is too young to remember any of this.