Jaime B. Day, Wicked Stepmother, Tortured Boy So Bad He Had to Eat Feces to Survive



​This could be the worst child abuse case we’ve ever heard. Last month, after receiving a tip that a 9-year-old boy was being abused, police arrived at the Lake Charles, Louisiana home of Jaime and Murray Day. What they found was beyond horrific…

The 9-year-old was being kept a prisoner in a bedroom by his stepmother, Jaime Day. The door was tied with a dog leash so it couldn’t be opened. Inside the cops found the boy, weighing just 38 pounds, lying on dirty foam atop a box spring covered in blood and urine.

He was dressed only in a T-shirt, shorts, and a diaper. It seems stepmom wouldn’t let him use the bathroom, since the room reeked of urine. He also had bruises across his body and face. 

The boy spent 13 days in the hospital recovering, suffering from hypothermia due to malnutrition. And his story of abuse seemed unparalleled.

He said Jaime Day refused to feed him, instead forcing him to watch as the rest of the family — including two boy ages 4 and 6 — ate in front of him. At times he became so hungry and thirsty that he drank his own urine and ate his own feces to survive.

He was also tortured. Jaime Day set a sock filled with rice on his back, then heated it up, causing the boy second-degree burns.

Jaime Day has been hit with 25 counts of child cruelty. Murry Day faces an additional five counts.

Curiously, the couple spared their other to kids from their viciousness. Perhaps that’s because they were both Jaime Day’s biological children.

The nine-year-old was Murry Day’s son from a previous relationship. But he’d been given custody six years ago after his biological mom also physically abused him. Doctors believe his latest round of torture had gone on for months.