Katherine Brotherton Didn’t Want Her Dogs Anymore. So She Set Them On Fire.



​36-year-old Katherine Brotherton of Johnson County, Indiana claims her dogs were biting her. Police suspect that may be because she beat them and left them chained in the yard for extended periods. So Brotherton decided to get rid of them humanely, as she puts it…

And humane in her mind was to place them in a 55-gallon drum, douse them with gas, and set them on fire.

Jake, a 6-month-old pit bull, suffered severe burns all over his body. He still shakes with fear from the incident, but is expected to recover.

Boomer, a 5-year-old pit, suffered burns to his body and ears, but is also expected to live. Detectives found cuts on his head, however, and believe Brotherton beat him. They also think she left him chained in the yard for most of his life.

Brotherton has been charged with two counts of felony cruelty and faces up to 6 years.

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