Marylynne Jackson Whipped Her Daughter with Electrical Cord for Wearing Makeup



​Marylynne Jackson must have something against makeup. When the El Mirage, Arizona mom found out her 14-year-old wore makeup to school, she gave her a choice of punishment: Take a whooping, or get all her hair chopped off…

The 14-year-old girl was whipped 12 times with an electrical cord for simply wearing makeup to school

​The girl apparently chose the former. When she arrived at school last Friday, she showed teachers some pretty nasty welts caused by the beating.

But mom isn’t very bright. When confronted by police, she told them she’d been whipping the girl all her life — and that it wasn’t against the law, since she was just providing discipline.

In the latest case, she whipped the girl about a dozen times.

Mom has now been charged with felony child abuse, and the girl has been placed with a relative.