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McStay Family Disappearance: Reader Says Mystery Lies in the Strange State of Their Home

By Pete Kotz in missing persons, unsolved
Tuesday, March 30, 2010 at 8:01 am
Reader Puffin Dusty responds to Joey, Summer McStay Family Missing in California. He/she says there's something strange about a family with four fur coats and no shoes -- especially when they have a history of financial problems...

The McStay family was last seen in February when they disappeared from their Southern California home. Police believe they may have been seen on security cameras entering Mexico.
"Here are two facts as PERHAPS pieces to this strange and troubling puzzle: Upon the sheriff's department entering the McStay residence, the only clothing found in any their closets were two men's shirts, two pairs of women's heels, and FOUR FUR COATS. All of the rest of this family of four's clothing were found strewn on their floors. No hangers; drawers; suitcases etc.

"Tim Miller from Texas Equusearch commented how strange it was also that they could not find any shoes. True that they were decorating, but they had lived in this house for four months.

"Also, what does it say about a woman who drives a 16 year old SUV, whose husband was bankrupt 5 years ago, and was evicted from her rented house 4 months ago that she could afford four fur coats?

"Here is another fact. Joseph McStay was adopted. Empirical research [see JAMA 2005] continues to find that adopted males are overrepresented in the mental disordered population including sociopath and psychopath disorders.

"We are not implying Mr. M murdered his wife and kids, but here is another interesting fact regarding adoptees which comes from the FBI. The FBI estimates that of the 500 serial killers currently in the U.S; about 30 or 16% have been identified as adoptees."

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