Michael Marceau, Lisa Ford Admit to Sodomizing Their Children, Including Disabled Teen



​Investigators first learned that Michael J. Marceau was a degenerate when child porn was found on a work computer of an employee of the Portland, Oregon office of the Bureau of Indian Affairs. He’d been trading porn with Marceau…

Michael J. Marceau admitted to sodomizing two of his kids, including one who’s severely retarded and can’t move on his own

​Marceau had sent the government worker a sexually explicit photo showing a man and a little girl. So detectives got a warrant to search his home, which he shares with his wife Lisa Ford (pictured above) and their kids — two girls and two boys.

The couple admitted to shooting photos of themselves during sex acts with two of the children. One is a teen with cerebral palsy, epilepsy and mental retardation who’s on a respirator and can’t function on is own. Pictures backing up their admissions were found on computers and a camera.

Ford also admitted that her husband took photos of his daughter’s friends through a bathroom window during her birthday party. And hubby confessed to swapping child porn with 15 other people through Yahoo! photo sharing.

The kids were placed in foster care, and both parents have been charged with sodomy.