Mom Orders 8-Year-Old Daughter to Stab Noble Griffin for Smoking Her Cigarettes



​21-year-old Noble Griffin had his sister and her daughter over for a visit the other morning. But it seems Sis is a little proprietary about her cigs. When Noble smoked one, they got into an argument. So Noble tried to physically remove Sis from the apartment…

But Sis, who has yet to be named or charged, apparently wasn’t keen on leaving the Des Moines, Iowa abode. So she told her eight-year-old daughter to grab a knife. The next thing he knew, the little girl was stabbing Noble in the back multiple times.

He at first tried to avoid heading to the hospital because he didn’t want police involved. But his injuries — described as severe but not life-threatening — eventually forced his hand. The hospital notified the cops.

The case is still under investigation, the detectives say the little girl won’t be charged. They’re not offering the same guarantees to her mom.

Special thanks to reader Tara for the tip on this one.