Patrick Molesti, Appropriately Named Pervert, Tried to Buy 5-Year-Old Online



UPDATE: The pervert who tried to buy a 5-year-old boy online has been arrested in Canada. Police believe he was hoping to catch a plane back to his native France. See update after the jump

It can’t be easy for a 56-year-old pedophile in Woodstock, Georgia to find suitable victims. So the fortuitously named Patrick Ange Molesti tried to remedy the problem by purchasing a 5-year-old child online, according to police.
Unfortunately for him, it’s not easy to buy a kid online either, since there are a fair number of people who disapprove of these kinds of transactions.

Someone called with an anonymous tip informing the Cherokee County Sheriff’s office of Molesti’s shopping spree. They raided his house on Thursday, discovering computer evidence of both his buying interests and his affection for child porn.

But Molesti was no where to be found.

Police don’t believe he had an exact boy in mind. He was just hoping to find someone willing to sell their young child off to sexual servitude.

“We don’t think there’s a specific 5-year-old boy that he’s looking for,” Lt. Jay Baker told CBS Atlanta. “That’s just the type of child he’s wanting, and apparently he was putting that information out there for anyone that’s willing to pay or provide one to him.”

Police think the French citizen is armed and dangerous. He’s believed to be driving a white 2002 Chevy Astro van with Georgia plates BVX 1730.
UPDATE: Pervert Patrick Molesti is arrested in Canada.
He apparently ditched his van and somehow made his way into Canada. But the Canadian border service was alerted, and Molesti was arrested in Thunder Bay, Ontario, a city north of Minnesota, as the Greyhound he was riding stopped for refueling on its way from Calgary to Montreal.
Police believe he was hoping to catch a flight from Montreal to France.
Georgia officials are now working to have him extradited back to the U.S., where he faces charges of being a sick, sick pervert.