No Ex-Pot Smokers Allowed: The Ridiculous Requirements to Become a Virginia State Trooper



​Reader BaconBully responds to Reader Offers a Nasty Tale of Police Perversion in Jefferson County, Wisconsin. His own story involves a stand-up guy getting rejected by the Virginia State Troopers for smoking pot when he was young…

“Have a few friends that for some unknown reason went into law
enforcement. One buddy is a stand up guy, well rounded, with a good
head on his shoulders. He applied with the VA State Police to be a
trooper. He passed everything with flying colors. Then came the lie
detector test…

“His commanding officer was present and my buddy was
straight forward and honest. They asked him if he’d ever done
drugs…he replied that after high school, during college, he had
experimented with marijuana with some friends, decided it wasn’t for
him, and stayed sober.

“I know he’s telling the truth because we hunt
together and I’m always toking and he doesn’t mind, but never wants to
hit it…

“His commanding officer told him and I quote “Sorry J, your
response about the marijuana has excluded you from being a state
trooper. You are welcome to try again when more time has passed (it was
3 yrs before he applied) say 5-8 years. We really prefer to hire
troopers who have never even experimented with drugs.”

“How would having somebody that knows what weed smells like, tastes
like, and effects on the user be a bad thing for State Troopers????
Seems to me they sort through the normal everyday folks until they find
these overzealous, self righteous, psychos who roam our streets getting
their kicks from the power-trip we’ve allowed them.

“I say we need to
start voting on cops just like we do Sherrif’s…may take more time but
well worth it. Either that or allow for open public comment on ANYONE
applying for a position in Law Enforcement…shouldn’t we as the people
have the right to choose who will enforce the laws we’re supposedly
responsible for choosing?”