Shannon Marie Mitchell, 17, Refused to Stop Cyber-Stalking Boyfriend’s Ex, Gets Jail



​17-year-old Shannon Marie Mitchell is a nasty little girl. It seems the senior at Vanguard High in Ocala, Florida was jealous of her boyfriend’s former girlfriend. So she decided to do a little cyber-stalking of the 15-year-old ex…

Police say Mitchell (pictured above) posted photos of the girl, along with her phone number, on a porn site. Then she added comments noting all the lovely and various sex acts the girl was just waiting to perform.

This naturally brought a landslide of calls from patrons of the site, hoping to get it on with a 15-year-old. And this, in turn, brought police into the picture.

They contacted the porn site, which provided the IP address of the person posting in the girl’s name. That led detectives to the delightful Ms. Mitchell.

Being a rotten little girl, she told the cops that she wouldn’t stop harassing the 15-year-old. That’s when the cops, not inclined to take shit from a lippy high school student, unloaded some ammo of their own.

In Florida, it’s a felony to cyber-stalk a minor under age 16. Mitchell was lit up for a third-degree felony. If convicted, she faces up to five years in the slam and a $5,000 fine.

Judge Cochran, spokesman for Marion County Sheriff’s Office, offered this understated summation to WCJB-TV: “She told our detectives she was not going to stop harassing the 15-year-old victim. You can take from that she didn’t know how serious this crime was.”