Top 5 Douchebags: Three Ukrainian Teens Murder 21 People For Fun, Film Their Crime Spree



​If you watched Hostel and thought “Yeah right!” — think again. As today’s Douchebags of the Week prove, hobbyist murdering is alive and well in Eastern Europe. Three 19-year-old Ukrainian boys, known as the “Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs,” were convicted of murdering 21 people for fun…


5. Roy Ashburn
But before heading overseas, we thought we’d wet your beaks with a few good ol’ American asswipes first. 
Leading the pack today is none other than California state senator Roy Ashburn. Ashburn is a fitting start to today’s list not only because three of our five douches hail from the Golden State, but also because you can’t get politically douchier than him.
Earlier this month, the 55-year-old senator was picked up in Sacramento for drunk driving. But that is not the best part of this story. 
Ashburn was picked up for his DUI while leaving a gay bar with another man in the car. Still, that fact isn’t even the crowning detail of this whopper, since being gay is not a crime. 
However, being a hypocritical bigot is. 
State senator Ashburn, a staunch Republican from Bakersfield, has a long history of opposing gay rights in the state of California, which recently banned gay marriage. A quick peek at Ashburn’s voting record reveals that he not only voted against gay marriage, but also such measures as equal rights for transgender people and the creation of a Harvey Milk Day in honor of San Francisco’s first openly gay politician. (Insert ironic howling here.)

After being released on a $1,400 bond, Ashburn issued an apology before admitting that he is, in fact, gay. However, the divorced father of four defended his anti-gay voting record, claiming that it was his duty to represent his Bakersfield constituents. Yeah — we’re not impressed, either.
Despite the fact that both conservatives and gay rights activists have demanded that he resign, Ashburn has insisted on finishing his term, which ends in December. He won’t be running for re-election. But he has convinced us that being a closeted, self-loathing gay man is apparently a prerequisite for being a Republican. 


4. Son Nguyen
If we had a nickel for every child that disappointed their parents by not becoming a doctor, well, we might be able to afford medical school, ourselves. Not that we’d actually go. After all — underachievement and parental disappointment are rites of passage for most Americans. A fact that was lost on 31-year-old Son Nguyen.
Like most academically gifted kids, Son Nguyen’s mother had high hopes for her child. After studying biology at the University of California in Irvine, however, Nguyen decided that becoming a pharmacist would be a better path. His 71-year-old mother wasn’t too pleased.
In December 2008, while living with his mother in Garden Grove, California, the two began arguing over his chosen career. As Nguyen’s mother nagged him — as all good mothers do — he flew into a rage and strangled her to death. He then left her body in the apartment and went to sleep in his car. In the morning, he called 911 and was arrested. 
Now, Nguyen’s resume simply reads “convicted criminal.” On March 22, he was found guilty of voluntary manslaughter. His sentencing is scheduled for May 21. 


3. Mohammad Hanafi
Divorce is often a gruesome matter — but none so much as that of the Hanafis. 
Raisa Hanafi refused to give her husband, Mohammad, a divorce. However, Mohammad isn’t the sort of man that takes “no” for an answer. 
In 2008, the 58-year-old broke into the Los Angeles house of his estranged wife, drugged her and then kidnapped her. Having enlisted the help of another man, Kisasi Liggins, the two then beat and tasered Raisa. When she still refused to sign the papers, Mohammad threatened to cut her up into little pieces and feed her to dogs. That seemed to work. Raisa handed over the key to a safety deposit box where she was keeping the couple’s passports as well as jewelry and cash.
However, when the two finally met in court this month, it wasn’t to divvy up assets. It was for Mohammad’s attempted murder trial. After being held captive for five days, Raisa managed to escape while her kidnappers were sleeping. She immediately ran to police. Mohammad and his co-conspirator were charged on 14 counts, including attempted murder and torture.
On March 19, a jury found Mohammad and Liggins guilty of kidnapping and extortion, but acquitted them on attempted murder charges, claiming that there wasn’t enough evidence to prove that Mohammad actually wanted to kill his wife. Sentencing is set for July 12.  


2. Arthur Goodwin
It appears that being arrested and charged with raping a child wasn’t good enough for Arthur Goodwin. The 22-year-old had much higher aspirations — like murder. And not even imprisonment was going to stop him.
Hailing from Dayton, Ohio, the 22-year-old was recently picked up after police discovered that he’d repeatedly raped a 10-year-old girl over a two-day period in January.
While being held at the Hamilton County Jail, Goodwin attempted to hire a fellow inmate who would soon be released to kill the young girl and her mother — the only two witnesses against Goodwin. He offered the man $5,000, gave him a description of the victim, and then drew a map to both her school and home. He suggested that the man run over the girl while she was walking home from school. 
Instead of following through with the plan, the man approached authorities and told them of Goodwin’s scheme, supplying police with the detailed notes that Goodwin had given him. 
Goodwin was going to plead not guilty to the rape charges by reason of insanity. However, prosecutors are now saying that his elaborate murder for hire scheme proves he isn’t insane — just insanely horrible.
As of Friday, he can now add conspiracy to murder to his charges. 


1. Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs
While Ohio authorities are pretty sure that Arthur Goodwin isn’t certifiably insane — were not so sure about the next three psychopaths. Or the folks who k
eep their legacy alive.
Viktor Sayenko, Igor Suprunyuck, and Alexander Hanzha will likely go down as three of the scariest people to grace the 21st century. 
The three teenagers met in their hometown of Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine and bonded over their love of, well, murder. Their crime spree began when the boys began killing and mutilating animals together, often taking pictures or video footage of their escapades.
But by 2007, the “Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs” — as the media dubbed them — had moved onto bigger game. It began that June, when the boys were out for a walk and noticed 33-year-old Ekaterina Ilchenko, who was heading home after tea with a friend. As she passed Suprunyuck, he swung a hammer and hit her on the side of the head, immediately killing her. Her body was discovered the next morning by her mother.
Less than an hour after their first murder, the boys went in search of yet another victim. They spotted Roman Tatarevich napping on a park bench not far from where they killed Ilchenko. They began smashing in Tatarevich’s face, killing him and maiming him so badly that he was unrecognizable to authorities.
In the next two months, the boys killed at least 19 more people, not including eight other attacks where the victims survived. 
It wasn’t until July 23, 2007 that they were finally arrested. Suprunyuck had tried to sell a cell phone he’d stolen off one of the victims at a local pawn shop. When the owner realized the phone was stolen, he called police, who traced it back to the murder victim. 
After the boys were arrested, authorities found a disturbing heap of evidence. Aside from a bevy of stolen cell phones, the boys also had more than 300 photos as well as hours of video footage of the brutal murders they’d committed. 
All three admitted that they were killing people “just for fun” and choosing victims at random. In February 2009, Supruyuck and Sayenko were sentenced to life in prison. Hanzha, however, was sentenced to only nine years because he wasn’t directly involved in any of the killings, but of robbing the victims. 
Still more terrifying is the fact that people have circulated their photos and videos on the web — including one in which the boys can apparently be seen ecstatically dismembering and torturing one of their victims to death. We have not watched the video because 1. We’d like to sleep at night and 2. Transcripts of the audio are terrifying enough. 

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