Top 5 Police Blunders Of The Week: Aldo Lozano Killed 40 People Moonlighting As Cartel Hit Man



​Today’s edition of Top 5 Police Blunders Of The Week is surely not for the faint of heart. Aside from Aldo Lozano, the Mexican cop/hit man arrested for killing more than 40 people, our list also includes the sexual assault of a transgender woman as well as the rape of none other than a rape victim…


5. Caleb Bartels

Starting off our list today is a corrections officer that does not kill or rape suspects — he allegedly beats them. And then posts all about it on Facebook. 
Last week, it came to the attention of the Nebraska Department of Corrections that one of its employees not only roughed up inmates — but thoroughly enjoyed it as well.
“When you work in a prison a good day is getting to smash an inmates face into the ground,” Caleb Bartels posted on his Facebook page. “For me today was a VERY good day.”
Two fellow guards chimed in with supportive responses, including Derek Dickey, who wrote “very satisfying isn’t it!!!!” 
Needless to say, not everyone who stumbled across Bartels’s page was pleased with his remark. 
Former State Senator Ernie Chambers was filming a segment for his Omaha cable television show when a caller shared the news of the Facebook posts. Chambers quickly fired off a letter to the Attorney General asking that all three men be dismissed. 
Bartels and his cronies were suspended and an investigation has been launched to find out whether the men have, in fact, abused inmates. There is the chance that they were all just posturing as a bunch of tough guys. In that case, they should all still be fired on the grounds of sheer stupidity.  


4. Keith Hicks
Last week, we brought you the tale of the Camden, New Jersey Police Department, which is currently facing the biggest corruption scandal in over a quarter of a century. Already, four police officers have been suspended for railroading suspects and stealing drugs, while over 30 convictions have been dropped. 
We guessed that more suspensions and accusations of foul play were to come. And we were right. 
Enter Keith Hicks, a 19-year veteran Camden police officer who also worked as a bodyguard for the city’s Mayor. On Monday, Hicks pleaded guilty to two counts of harassment as well as one count of tampering with evidence. 
The charges stem from accusations made by three different women who said that Hicks had behaved inappropriately with them. In two of those cases — from April 3 and July 9 — the 51-year-old ordered the women into his personal truck while he was off duty but still in uniform. Both women said that Hicks touched them inappropriately. Hicks ended up charging one of the women with loitering. 
In the third case, Hicks ordered a woman into his cruiser while he was on-duty. He then drove  her around for 45 minutes and forced her to undress. Hicks charged her with an outstanding warrant and then falsified information on his police report. 
By pleading guilty, Hicks will manage to avoid any jail time. He’ll likely receive a year of probation and he will still be allowed to collect his pension. Not bad for a cop accused of sexually assaulting suspects. If this is how Camden “punishes” its corrupt officers, no wonder it has a scandal on its hands. 


3. Craig Nash
It was 3 a.m. on February 25 when San Antonio police officer Craig Nash made the arrest.
Nash was at the corner of Guadalupe and Zarzamora streets when he picked up a transgender prostitute. He cuffed her, ordered her to lie down in the back of his squad car and then sped off.
But Nash didn’t take her to jail. Nor did he ever file charges against her. Instead, Nash drove the suspect to an unknown location and raped her. After forcing her to commit “multiple sex acts” without a condom, Nash then dropped the woman off in a school parking lot. 
Nash probably figured the woman would never go to police and, even if she did, why would they believe a tranny prostitute over a 7-year veteran cop with a clean record? After all, other trannies had filed complaints against San Antonio police officers for rape and most cases were dismissed. However, this time justice would actually prevail.
As soon as Nash disappeared from the scene, the victim took a bus to a police substation and filed a complaint against him. She then picked him out of a line-up, while police used a GPS tracking system to verify that Nash’s squad car had indeed made all the stops the victim described.    
The 39-year-old officer was arrested and charged with sexual assault as well as official oppression. He was released from jail after paying his bond and has since been suspended from the San Antonio Police Department with pay pending an investigation. 


2. Timothy Michael Jones
This is truly one of the sickest stories we’ve ever come across here at Top 5 Police Blunders Of The Week. 

Yesterday, word hit the British headlines that a police officer in North Wales raped a RAPE VICTIM. And that it wasn’t the first time. 
In August 2006, the first victim was called to the North Wales police station by Timothy Michael Jones, a detective in training. The woman, who was a heroin addict, had filed a complaint that three men had gang raped her. Jones said he wanted to follow up on her case.
When the woman arrived, Jones ushered her into a private room. He told her that her case would not be investigated further. He also said he couldn’t believe she’d taken the complaint as far as she had, calling her a smack head and a whore and asking how she thought anyone would ever believe her. 
The woman grew terrified as Jones pushed her up against a wall and began molesting her. He then forced her to give him oral sex. When she refused, he pulled down her underwear and raped her. 
Then, in 2007, Jones, figuring he got away with it once, did it again. Another woman called to file a rape complaint. Jones arrived at her home to investigate when he ordered her to take off her bra so he could examine her. When he returned a week later, the woman was in the shower. He burst into her home, pulled her out of the bathroom and raped her.
Neither of the women ever went to police and both of their rape cases were dropped. It appeared that Jones had a disgusting knack for preying on the weak.
Three years after the first case, Jones was
at it again — only this time, his victim didn’t keep quiet. Apparently the two had met in at the police station. During his trial, Jones claimed that he had exchanged numbers with the woman, whom he visited at her home, where they made out before she gave him oral sex. He said that while he disgraced his family, he didn’t commit any crimes. 
Jones, who is married with children, was cleared of any sexual offenses in the case. However, the woman’s accusations launched a full investigation into Jones, who’d been accused of behaving inappropriately with women before. Police began checking his cell phone and contacted women with whom he’d had contact. That’s when the news of the 2006 and 2007 rape cases emerged. 
Jones now faces three counts of rape. His trial began this week. 


1. Aldo Lozano
On January 31, fifteen people were massacred at a house party in Juarez, Mexico. The incident reeked of the drug war that’s been waged in the Mexican city for the past year. 
However, when police investigated, they discovered that none of the people killed were connected to gangs or drug cartels. They were all simply students — innocent bystanders caught in the cross fire of a bloody battle that has left hundreds dead. Their deaths quickly sparked an uproar throughout the country as people screamed for justice. 
Then, over this past weekend, a third arrest was made for the January massacre. Mexican police had taken Aldo Lozano into custody. Not only had Lozano been working as a hit man for the drug cartel known as “La Linea,” but he was a cop, too.
From 2000 until 2008, Lozano had worked as a Jaurez municipal police officer. He left the force after he failed to pass a lie detector test. At that point, he took up full-time hit man work under the name “El 18” for $2,000 a week.  
Police were able to link Lozano to the scene by connecting him to a .40 caliber gun used in the shooting. He is now being held in police custody. Aside from the 15 who died in January, Lozano has also admitted to killing more than 40 people on behalf of the La Linea gang. 
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