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Wayne Treacy,15, Brutally Beats Girl at Middle School Bus Stop

Friday, March 26, 2010 at 7:48 am

UPDATE:Read the latest update: Josie Ratley, the 15-Year-Old Girl Nearly Beaten to Death, Reportedly Wakes from Her Coma.

When we last left Deerfield Beach, Florida, 15-year-old Michael Brewer was being set on fire by his supposed friends over a $40 video game. Now comes word of another little prick in the city's middle school, Wayne Treacy, also 15.

Josie Lou Ratley apparently said texted something about the suicide of Treacy's older brother, which set him off
​Though the details haven't been verified, it seems Treacy heard that another student, Josie Lou Ratley, 15, had said something untoward about him. What that was, we know not. But it was apparently enough to piss off the little dickhead.

So he found the girl waiting for the school bus after school. As others crowded around, witnesses say Treacy attacked her from behind, punching her in the head until she fell to the ground. He kicked and stomped on her head with steel-toed boots, even after she lost consciousness. He also smashed her face into the concrete sidewalk.

Witnesses say blood was streaming from her nose and mouth. She was only saved after a teacher pulled Treacy off.

Josie is now in critical condition at a Broward County hospital. Out little dickhead is expected to appear before a judge today.

UPDATE: It seems a text from Josie Lou Ratley sent Wayne Treacy into a murderous rage.

Treacy's father is a douchebag. Since 1981, he's racked up 43 arrests in Florida, leaving him in and out of prison. So his older brother, Michael Bell, became his surrogate father.

Wayne Treacy kicked the girl in the head at least seven times with his steel-toed boots
But in October, depressed over divorce and losing his job, Bell committed suicide by hanging himself in a church parking lot in Pompano Beach. The loss no doubt left Treacy adrift. And it was that open sore that apparently set him off last week.

His former girlfriend, 13-year-old Kayla Manson, claims to be Josie's best friend. In the past, she'd borrowed Josie's phone to get in touch with Treacy. So when Treacy tried to reach her last week, she got Josie instead.

The two apparently exchanged texts. Josie made it clear she didn't approve of Treacy's relationship with a 13-year-old girl. She also said something about the suicide of Treacy's older brother. Police aren't saying what that was, but it set him on a course of rage.

He put on his steel-toed boots and rode his bike over to Deerfield Beach Middle School. He barely knew Josie, so Manson pointed her out. That's when he attacked her from behind, pounding her head into the concrete until she lost consciousness, then kicking her in the head at least seven times.

Josie remains in the hospital in critical condition. She's in a drug-induced coma, and doctors were forced to remove part of her skull to reduce swelling. Her family says they don't have health insurance.

Treacy is charged with attempted murder. Manson is charged with abetting since she knew about the attack beforehand, and helped Treacy find her supposed "best friend."

Josie Lou Ratley has twice undergone surgery to relieve swelling on her brain.
UPDATE II: It seems Wayne Treacy intended to kill Josie that day.

Though he apparently never met her in person before, and didn't even know what she looked like, it seems Treacy nonetheless intended to kill Josie.

They'd taunted each other in texts before the attack, police say. Afterward Treacy, following a 15-year-old's imagination of what a bad guy looks like, put on blacks clothes, his steel-toes, and black gloves. He sent texts to friends saying he was going to kill the girl. Then he rode his bike to her middle school.

Even after the vicious attack, he seemed undisturbed by what he'd done. A recording of the 911 call reveals a teacher telling him to put away his phone. But Treacy still managed to get a text to a friend.

"He sent another text message to someone saying 'Hey, I think I'm going to prison, I think I just killed someone,' so it just was a matter of fact thing, like oh well, this is what it is," Sheriff Al
Lamberti told NBC.

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