6-Year-Old Boy Accused of Molesting 10 Classmates at Massachusetts Elementary School



​As part of our unofficial Sick Little Bastards in School Week, we present what might be the most depraved case yet: A 6-year-old first-grader in Middleton, Massachusetts has been accused of being a serial molester. Yes, he’s only 6 years old…

For the past few months, the boy (not pictured above) has been harassing fellow male students at Fuller Meadow School. Police say that when the teacher’s back was turned, the boy was pulling down his classmates’ pants, massaging them, and threatening to beat them up if they told anyone.

He’s estimated to have pulled this weirdness on at least 10 other boys.

Superintendent Bernard Creeden sent out a note last week saying he had a junior perv on his hands. The boy’s too young to face any kind of criminal charges in Massachusetts, but he’s been yanked from his class.

This hasn’t soothed parents, however. They accuse Principal Malvena Baxter of knowing about it for a month but keeping it quiet. But she says she’s only known about it for a week and a half.

Police believe the boy started out by bullying fellow students, then progressed to molestation, though they haven’t revealed specific details. The boy’s now on a 10-day suspension and will be placed in an alternative school when he returns.