Audreanna Zimmerman, Teen Mother of 2, Burned to Death in Trailer Park Feud



​The girls knew each other. They lived in the same trailer park in Pensacola, Florida. But one day they’d be the best of the friends. The next day they’d be at war. And that feuding came to a tragic end for Audreanna R. Zimmerman last month…

Tina Brown and her 16-year-old daughter have been charged with murder and kidnapping in the attack

​She was walking down a dirt road, according to police, when she was set upon by 16-year-old Britnee Miller, her mother Tina Brown, 39, and 27-year-old Heather Lee. Police aren’t saying what constituted the latest round of battle, but it’s clear Audreanna’s attacker’s were very pissed.

They beat the 19-year-old mother of two with a crowbar and zapped her with a stun gun. Then they doused her with flammable liquid and set her aflame. Audreanna ran to a neighbor’s house for help and a glass of water. She was later flown to a hospital in Mobile, Alabama.

Audreanna spent two weeks in a coma with burns over 60 percent of her body. Then she passed away.

Police believe the four may have been feuding over men, but they’re not saying much more than that. Yesterday, Miller, Brown and Lee were all indicted by a grand jury on first-degree murder and kidnapping charges. The 16-year-old Miller will be tried as an adult.

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