Danial Rinehart, Incestuous Creep, Had 4 Babies with Daughter Ashley Rinehart



UPDATE: A jury has found Danial Rinehart guilty on all counts, ranging from murder to rape to incest, and has recommended the maximum sentence on all counts. Here’s betting he’ll get life in prison with no possibility of parole. See update after the jump…

Ashley Rinehart had four children with her father, though three died when he refused to get them medical attention

​The molestation started at the age of 5. Ashley Rinehart, now 20, was
repeatedly raped by her father, Danial Rinehart. Mother Linda knew all
about it, but didn’t lift a hand to stop it. Over the years, the family
moved from town to town, living in a camper.

They often went without food and education and lived in poverty. Ashley was pulled from school by the 8th grade. Along with her three sisters, they were never to discuss the incest, threatened dad, lest he kill the girls.

It wasn’t until last year that sister Hayley escaped and called police from a Harrisonville, Missouri Wal-Mart with a tragic story: Her sister had given birth to her father’s four children, three of whom had died.

The first baby was born when Ashley was just 14. He died at just 4 months after getting sick. Despite her pleas, Danial Rinehart refused to take the boy to a hospital. The boy was buried in Oklahoma.

Linda Rinehart knew that her husband had begun to rape their daughter at age 5, but did nothing to stop it

​A second boy was born inside a pickup truck at age 16 and survived. He’s 4 years old today.

Then came two more children, both of whom died. All the kids were delivered at home and never received medical aid. Though mother Linda was jealous of her husband’s affections toward Ashley, she helped with the deliveries. The last two kids were placed in coolers and left on a Missouri farm formerly owned by Danial’s parents. Their remains were discovered only after the farm was sold.

Danial contends that his relationship with Ashley was consensual. He claims his daughters would watch him through a hole in the wall as he showered, and that Ashley wanted to have sex with him, since she occasionally rubbed his shoulders. There doesn’t appear to be any indication he molested his other three daughters.

He admits to refusing to provide medical care to Ashley’s babies, but only because he was afraid of doctors. His father died in an ambulance, he claims.

Danial is now on trial for second-degree murder,
statutory rape, child endangerment, incest and
abandonment of a corpse.

Wife Linda is charged with child endangerment. She’s scheduled for trial in August.

UPDATE: Danial Rinehart has been found guilty on all counts.

It took a jury under three hours to find him guilty of murder, rape, incest and abandonment of a corpse. Jurors recommended he get the max on all counts. He’ll be sentenced June 7.
Though the judge doesn’t have to abide by the jury’s sentencing recommendation, our guess is that Rinehart will get lit up like the White House Christmas tree.

Meanwhile, there’s a little bit of good news for Ashley. After being yanked by her dad from school in the 8th grade, she’s now on pace to graduate from high school in May. She has a job, and she’ll finally be able to experience a normal young woman’s life: She’s going to the prom.

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