Derek Capozzi, Boston Mafia Associate, Escapes After Kicking Out Van Door in Kentucky



UPDATE: If you’re a Boston gangster, maybe escaping in a small Kentucky town where you’d stand out like an Arab in full regalia wasn’t such a good idea after all. Fugitive Derek Capozzi has been arrested. See update after the jump…

Derek Capozzi was part of a gang of drug dealers and thieves who worked
in concert with the Boston-Providence Mafia. In 1996, that gang was
worried that 19-year-old Aislin Silva would rat them out. So they
decided to get rid of her the old fashioned way.

By strangling her to death. Kevin Meuse was later convicted of the murder. He saved the good state of Massachusetts some money by hanging himself in prison.

Derek Capozzi was caught by two brothers hiding in the woods in Versailles, Kentucky

​But Derek Capozzi was also convicted in the case. He’s the guy who hacked Aislin’s body into small pieces and buried them.

In 2005, he was convicted of robbery and being an accessory after the fact. And since he’d already been convicted in 1999 on weapons and extortion charges, he wasn’t eligible to get out of the slam until 2046.

So yesterday he decided to take matters into his own hands. He was being transported in a prison van to Lexington, Kentucky, where he was supposed to be flown to another federal prison. But as the van drove through Versailles, Kentucky, Capozzi kicked out the door and escaped.

We’re guessing he won’t get far, since an Italian with a Boston accent won’t find it easy to go unnoticed in central Kentucky. But there’s now a massive manhunt underway to find him.

UPDATE: Derek Capozzi has been arrested just two days after he escaped.

He’d been spotted at farms, soccer fields, and caught on surveillance cameras at the local Dairy Queen. In the small town of Versailles, Kentucky, Capozzi didn’t have many places to hide.

He was caught Saturday night by two brothers who spotted him in the woods where they worked.

The brothers started carrying baseball bats after they learned of Capozzi’s escape. While taking a pee break in the woods, one of the brothers saw Capozzi’s head pop up. He was laying on the ground with a bag of groceries.

The men called 911 and the cops were there in minutes. It doesn’t seem like the exhausted Boston gangster put up much of a fight. Next time, it might be wiser to escape in some place like Louisville.

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