Dovie Lee Kerner, 47, Had Sex with Horse, Pig and Dog… and Gave Dog STD



​Ladies and gentlemen, we are about to blow up your freak meter: Meet Dovie Lee Kerner, a 47-year-old damsel from Plumville, Pennsylvania with sexual energy to burn. She apparently likes to romp so much she’ll take on all comers…

A white trash feat not accomplished since the invention of incest: Dovie’s also accused of giving her ex-boyfriend’s Jack Russell terrier a sexually transmitted disease

​Even four-legged creatures she might serve for dinner that night. Like various barnyard animals.

Police first learned of her sensual proclivities when they received a confidential call from her ex-boyfriend. He wanted to know if it was illegal in the great state of Pennsylvania to do the nasty with animals. When told yes, he mentioned that he had a video of Dovie Lee getting barenaked with a horse.

Now the boyfriend is probably not Mr. Well-Adjusted either. First off, he’s the guy walking around with a cell phone video of his woman having sex with a horse. Secondly, he also told police that Dovie Lee had given him — and his dog — a sexually transmitted disease. She’s also accused of having sex with a pig.

Consider it a Gooberific feat not witnessed since the invention of incest.

Dovie’s now charged with possession of obscene and sexual materials, disorderly conduct, and sexual intercourse with an animal.

Alas, we know you’re dying to see her picture, but we couldn’t find one. We’ll update when we do.

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